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Interested In Hardwood Floors, But Worry About Maintenance? Consider Faux Wood Tiles

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Whether you are moving into an older home or need to update your existing home, replacing and repairing areas of your house can be overwhelming. From budgeting and the actual installation process to choosing the right materials, colors, and contractors, it is easy to see the challenges involved in home updates. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing flooring, the various options available can be stressful. While not surprising to hear, an estimated 54 percent of buyers will buy a more expensive house that has hardwood floors. Due to appeal, it is easy to see why wood floors may seem like the ideal choice. Of course, you may worry about the overall maintenance needed to keep hardwood flooring clean and in good condition. Sweeping, mopping, sanding, and refinishing may be necessary in the future. Thankfully, you can have the look and durability of hardwoods without a great deal of maintenance. With this guide, you will learn the benefits of faux wood tile for your home.

The 101 on Faux Wood Ceramic Tile

Hardwood floors can be installed in various designs using planks in different sizes and colors, making it a great option for versatile decorating. These same designs can be achieved using ceramic tiles that are manufactured to look like wood. Although they may look similar, wood planks and faux wood tile are two completely different materials.

Wood flooring is durable, but moisture can easily soak into the wood, leading to warping, popping, and denting of the floors. Over the years, you may need to refinish the floors or even replace a few boards. Installing faux wood tile is a better solution, since the ceramic is impenetrable. Not only is it a durable and attractive option for the main areas of your home, but you can also install faux wood ceramic tile in moist areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Maintaining Faux Wood Ceramic Tile

Vacuuming or sweeping, mopping, and even refinishing your hardwood floors will be required over the years. In many instances, some of the products used to clean your wood floors can actually cause more harm than good, as well. Most homeowners will prefer a less stressful manner of cleaning, so installing ceramic tile that offers a wood look is a smart alternative.

Every few days, use a dust mop or hard floor vacuum to clean your faux wood ceramic tile. This will be sufficient for removing dust, dirt, hair, and other light debris from your floors.

To clean the ceramic tile in a more detailed manner, consider making a natural solution using common household products. In a spray bottle, mix ¼ of white vinegar with 3 cups of water. Spray the vinegar solution onto the faux wood tile. Then, run a damp microfiber mop over the tile to rinse away stubborn grime and the leftover vinegar solution.

Cleaning your ceramic tile using a light vacuuming and mopping is possible, but you will also need to clean the grout periodically. For light discoloration, spray the vinegar solution onto the grouted areas. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing away with a wet cloth.

If you notice the grout has more severe staining or discoloration, create a paste using equal parts water and baking soda. Apply the paste to the grout with a toothbrush, scrubbing the baking soda into the grout. Leave it for a few minutes, allowing the baking soda to dissolve away heavy amounts of dirt. Remove the baking soda paste using a damp cloth.

Wood floors are great for your home, but they require a lot of work. With this guide, you will understand the beauty and ease of maintaining faux wood ceramic tile. Talk to your flooring installer, someone like Monterrey  Tile Company, for more information.