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Want a Modern Bathroom? 5 Upgrades to Consider

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Upgrading your bathroom not only improves the comfort and functionality of the space, but it can also make your home more attractive if you sell it in the future. When planning your bathroom remodeling project, some upgrades can give you the most impact for your money.

Install Dual Sinks

The bathroom sink can be a point of contention, especially when two adults are sharing the same space. Adding more space by installing dual sinks is the ideal compromise. If space permits, the sinks should include large vanity areas and plenty of storage above and below the sinks. This can reduce the amount of clutter around the sink to help maintain a neat appearance. Additionally, having enough space for a small stool under each sink can make the area more comfortable when getting ready to start your day.

Improve The Lighting

Changing the bathroom lighting can set the tone for your upgraded bathroom. Include lighted mirrors over the sinks so shaving or applying makeup is easier. For the rest of the bathroom, overhead lighting that can be adjusted independently of lighting over the sinks is ideal. All the bathroom lighting should incorporate daylight bulbs to give you more accurate color. The bathroom lights should also include a dimmer switch, which is useful to moderate lighting for different times of day. For example, during the evening or night hours, you want to have soft lighting in the bathroom. This will minimize impact on your sleep as you are preparing for bed or if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When you wake up and are preparing to start your day, you will likely want to increase the brightness of your daylight bulbs to help wake yourself up.

Change The Color Scheme

Most people are accustomed to the classic white bathroom. Although this is the easiest color to work into any remodeling project, it can be harsh, especially when the bathroom is well-lit. Consider changing the bathroom to a softer, neutral color that does not reflect as much light. One option is a soft gray. It is an ideal gender-neutral color that complements an array of color schemes. Aside from the functional aspects of your bathroom, the space should also be calm and relaxing, which likely means no bright or harsh colors.

Consider A Walk-In Tub

You might associate walk-in tubs with people who may have physical limitations, but they have numerous advantages for everyone. Walk-in tubs are generally larger, which can be more accommodating for people of varying heights and sizes and allows them to enjoy a soak in the tub without feeling constricted. In addition to being larger, walk-in tubs are generally taller, allowing you to cover more of your body with water when taking a bath. If you have the budget, you should select a model with water jets or other massage functions. This allows your bathtub to double as a therapeutic device. The circulating water can be relaxing in addition to helping reduce joint and/or muscle pain.

Revamp The Floors

The look of your bathroom floors can create a seamless transition between different design elements. Although there are numerous materials that can be used, ceramic tile and natural stone have some advantages. Both materials are available in several colors and shapes, which can be used to create unique floor patterns. When considering flooring installations, choose one with some texture. A slick floor is a significant hazard, especially in the bathroom. The downside to both tile and stone is they can be cold.

One way to offset this problem is to install radiant floor heating. Another advantage to heating the bathroom floor is during the summer, you can moderate the bathroom temperature. You may have the air conditioner on during the summer, but want to avoid the unpleasant feeling of stepping out of bathtub or shower and feeling the cold air on your wet skin. Floor heating can make the bathroom slightly warmer and more comfortable, even when the air conditioner is on.

Upgrading your bathroom is a worthwhile project to make the space more comfortable and functional. Even a few changes can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom.