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5 Care Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

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To make your hardwood floors last as long as possible, you want to provide regular maintenance on them. The best way to do this is to know how to care for them so they don't fade, get scratched, or encounter other types of damage. Here are 5 care tips you can use for your hardwood floors.

Protect it from furniture

Chairs and table legs can scratch your hardwood floors. Place rubber bottoms or felt pads on the feet of all your furnishings so you can keep your hardwood from scratching. You can also place mats or rugs under furniture to keep your hardwood safe and add texture to the room.

Use only hardwood cleaners

Commercial and even other household cleaners can leave behind residue on your hardwood floors that can make them lose their sheen. Some cleaners are so harsh they can actually eat through finish and damage the wood underneath. Only use oils and cleaners designed for hardwood.

Keep the sun at bay

The sun can bleach your floors, and even the rays that show through your curtains can cause the flooring to fade. Use blackout curtains in rooms where you have hardwood and apply a heavy-duty finish to your flooring to protect it against the sun's unforgiving rays. If you want the sun to shine in your rooms, use rugs in common places where the sun's rays hit most of the day to protect your floors.

Watch out for humidity

Moisture can cause ample damage to your hardwood floors that is hard to repair. Humidity can cause the wood to warp, buckle, or even separate, making your floors look old and uneven. To prevent this, get a dehumidifier, open windows, or place a ceiling fan in rooms you have hardwood in place. These measures help control moisture in your house, which can protect your floors.

If your hardwood gets wet, you will want to dry it immediately. Even moisture from a spill or wet feet can cause damage to your flooring if left unchecked.

Finish your flooring

A hardwood finish not only leaves your floors looking beautiful and shiny, it protects them from drying out, peeling, fading, and cracking. Apply a finish in areas that get the most wear, such as hallways or near the stove, often so they don't wear out. When you start to see the finish peeling away or fading out in high traffic areas of the home, you know you are ready to have them done again.

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