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How To Remove Old Linoleum So You Can Put In New Flooring

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Linoleum is a common flooring often placed in laundry areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements. Its easy install and cost-effective pricing make linoleum a popular choice for DIY installers. You simply need to cut the linoleum according to room size and lay it down if it is a self-tacking variety, or use a tacking agent to make it stick.

If your linoleum is worn from years of stains, scratches and tears from furniture, or you just want to upgrade to new flooring, here is a quick guide to help you remove it easily without a lot of hassle.

Remove all furnishings

Take all furnishings out of the room(s) you have linoleum in so there is no weight on the flooring when you go to strip it off the floor. You can roll large appliances out of the room using soft pads for easy pushing, or you can use a few adults to lift and carry fridges, tables, and other heavier items out of the way.

Unscrew any end caps

If you have end caps or strips placed on your linoleum to transition from the material to carpet or hardwood, you will want to unscrew or lift them up so you don't bend or break them while taking linoleum out. You can use a hammer or the end of a screwdriver to pry them up once they are loosened, then replace them when you have your new flooring put in place.

Cut your linoleum

If you are throwing your old linoleum out, simply use a box or carpet cutter to cut the material into thick strips for easy removal. If you are planning to reuse the flooring in another room, simply use the cutter to lift the edges of the material so you have enough room to gently lift and pull it.

Lift and pull

Linoleum at this point should be easy to simply lift and pull up. It's similar to ripping off a piece of tape from another angle. Lift gently so you can avoid tearing the linoleum as you pull it up, which can leave small pieces behind you will have to scrape up later. If some pieces are hard to budge, then cut around them and soak the ares in soap and water and return to it later. You can scrape up any remnants left behind with a small paint scraper or razor blade.

Wash the floors once you have your linoleum up. Once dried, you are ready for your new flooring install! Contact a company like Florida Floor Specialist LLC for more info or assistance.