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Real Wood Is Still A Great Product For Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is an all purpose product that fits well in a rustic home or a modern commercial building. Hardwood is a popular flooring product for a number of reasons. Many people are now investing in synthetic hardwood alternatives. These do have certain features that are attractive to many homeowners. But, this article explains why real hardwood is still a great choice for residential upgrades.

Synthetic vs. Real Hardwood

The main argument for investing in synthetic floors is the fact that they are easier to maintain then real wood. This fact is undeniable and very attractive to most homeowners. Wooden floors need a little bit of TLC. That being said, if a wooden floor is properly maintained, it will last just as long, if not longer than a synthetic product. Wood is very durable and reliable. It is also worth noting that the actual maintenance required to keep up wooden flooring is not all that expensive or demanding. In reality, the most important part of hardwood floor maintenance is refinishing the surface. Refinishing hardwood is a job that you have to do no more than once or twice in a decade. Some people will never actually refinish their wood floor and just let it age naturally.

Wood Can Be Refinished

The biggest perk of real hardwood as a flooring material is its ability to be refinished. You cannot refinish most synthetic products. This means that if you have a synthetic product decide to change your flooring, you have a much more serious remodel project on your hand. Simply refinishing your floors, as opposed to changing them completely, is a much cheaper and efficient project.

Best of all, this is a great perk for homeowners who like to change the style of their home decor frequently. A new stain on your hardwood will completely change the dynamic of that room. This enables you to keep your flooring up to date with other changing design features in your home--like a new paint job or new furniture. With a real wood floor you can a stain your floor with unique finishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Your floor can be completely you own!

If you are interested in investing in new floors, real hardwood is still a great option. There are certainly some great arguments for the investing in synthetic wood products, but real wood remains a perfect material for residential flooring. For more information, contact companies like Masters Flooring.