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Tips To Reduce The Noise From Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring has many benefits, including they can add value to your home. However, there is one drawback that can sometimes occur with the flooring. Some homeowners find that the floors can be noisy once they are installed. If you are planning to install hardwood flooring, here are some pre- and post-installation tips you can use to quiet them.  


Ideally, you should implement ways to keep your hardwood flooring quiet before you install them. You have a better chance of muffling the sound that could potentially come from the floors if measures are taking now.  

There are several options for quieting your flooring, including the use of an underlayment. An underlayment works by isolating the sound from the flooring, which prevents them from sounding noisy when they are walked on. There are several types of materials that can be used, including rubber and foam. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the thicker the material, the less likely it is that the flooring will be noisy.  

Another possible option to quiet the sound from the flooring is to use an acoustical sound board. The board can be installed under the subflooring. As with the underlayment, the sound board works by absorbing the noises from the flooring.  


Once the flooring is installed, you still have options available to lowering the noise from a noisy floor. One of the most effective involves your furniture. The more upholstered pieces you have in a room, the better the sound reduction will be. The upholstered pieces help to absorb noise. If you have just a few upholstered pieces, you can use removable items, such as tablecloths, cushions, and slip covers to lower the noise.  

Another possibility is to use area rugs in the rooms where the noise is the greatest. The rug will not only help to reduce the noise level, but it can provide some protection for your hardwood flooring from the sun. When shopping for an area rug, look for a thicker fabric for the best results.  

Sometimes, the problem is solved by lubricating the floorboards where the noise is the loudest. Squeaking is the result of the wood planks rubbing together as someone moves over them. Using powdered graphite or soapstone can help to ease the noise.  

Talk to your hardwood floor installer before the installation is complete to discover other ways to keep noises from the flooring to a minimum.