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Ready To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors? 4 Steps To Prevent Future Scratches

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Hardwood floors are beautiful, especially when the finish is clear and lustrous. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to ruin that beautiful finish. Scratches are particularly bothersome for wood floor. If you are looking to have your floors refinished by a company like Costen Floors Inc, then you want to do everything you can to prevent scratches from popping up again once the job is done. In addition to sweeping your floor with a soft cloth, there are other steps you can take to prevent scratches. Here are four tricks you can use to keep scratches away from the surface of your wood floor.

Put Socks on Your Chairs

When you've got wood floors, your dining room chairs can wreak havoc on the finish. Each time you pull your chairs across the floor, you run the risk of another deep scratch or gouge. As your chairs scrape across the floor, they dig right into the finish. You can prevent that type of damage by putting socks on your chairs. First, purchase soft newborn baby booties that coordinate with your décor. Place a booty on each leg of your chairs. Tie a decorate ribbon around the top of each booty to secure them to the chair legs. The booties will protect your floors, and prevent scratches.

Leave the Shoes Outside

When it comes to wood floors, what you have on the soles of your shoes can be disastrous, especially if your tracking in dirt, gravel, or sand. To keep your hardwood flooring scratch-free, leave the shoes outside. Leave a mat next to the door, and ask guests – and your family members – to take their shoes off before entering the house. If your family members don't like going bare-footed in the house, leave clean slippers on the inside of the house for them to slip on.

Keep the Porches Clean

If you're not keeping your porches clean, you could be inviting scratches on your hardwood flooring. That's because everything that's on your porch can be tracked in to your home. To protect your hardwood flooring, you should keep your porches clean. Sweep them off at least once a day, and rinse them with your hose at least once a week. Be sure to sweep after every windstorm. This will help keep sand off your flooring.

Give Your Dog a Pedicure

If you've got a dog, it could be scratching your floor, especially if it has long nails. As it runs across your floor, its nails can be digging right into your hardwood floor. To prevent scratches caused by your dog's nails, be sure to give it a pedicure at least once a month, or whenever you start hearing a clicking sound as it walks across the floor. The sound you're hearing is your dogs nails making scratches on your floor.