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How To Zap Wrinkles Out Of Your Carpet

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Wall-to-wall carpeting provides carpet, but they can also develop wrinkles from excess moisture improper installation, high humidity, or wear and tear. Someone possibly dragged a heavy object across the carpet, which pulls on the fibers.

You may not think wrinkles are a big deal now, but they eventually get bigger and more noticeable. It is easy to fix the wrinkles yourself by following these instructions:

Prepare to Fix the Wrinkles

To remove the wrinkles, you need: 

  • work gloves
  • carpet shampoo 
  • vacuum
  • cardboard
  • locking pliers
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • putty knife
  • hammer
  • carpet knife
  • nails
  • tack strip 
  • knee-kicker
  • carpet stretcher 

Remove furniture from the room, and vacuum the carpet. Shampoo and vacuum the carpet to remove dirt, then give it 24 hours to dry. 

Remove Carpet Edges

Use locking pliers to lift up an edge at one corner gently to free the carpet from the tack strips. First, pull the staples or tacks from the carpet pad with the screwdriver and pliers, then tug at the carpet. The carpet will sound like a zipper when you pull it.

Leave the side of the carpet at the doorway intact to give a sturdy stretching surface. Inspect tack strips all around the carpet, and replace damaged strips by hammering them in place with the flat side of the hammer. Clean tack strip remnants, and sweep the exposed floor. 

Stretch the Carpet

Rent carpet stretchers and knee-kickers from hardware stores or carpet supply stores. If you have to stretch carpet over a doorway, you may need a transition mold.

Lay a piece of cardboard at the center of the wall opposite where you lifted the carpet from the tack strips. Position the stretcher bar so it is six to eight inches from the wall where you pulled the carpet. Turn the teeth until it grabs the carpet, then push the handle to stretch the carpet.

Keep stretching until you remove all the lumps and wrinkles, but don't press the handle too hard. Press the carpet edge into the tack strips, and use a putty knife to work the edge into the floor and wall seams.

If needed, trim extra carpet and padding using a carpet knife. Carpet knives cut the carpet faster than utility knives. Work wrinkles out of the carpet in one-foot increments.

Remove wrinkles or lumps in corners with the knee-kicker, positioning it in the same way as the stretcher. Turn the lever, and hit the back of the tool with your knee. Push the carpet into the wall seam, and move the knee-kicker every several inches into the corner. Push the carpet edges into the tack strip, and trim extra carpet with the carpet knife.

For more information and assistance, contact a carpet installation service.