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How To Remove Hardwood Stains

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One of the best things about owning a hardwood floor is the fact that you can refinish it. This means you can keep the exact same hardware on your floor, but drastically change the way that looks like removing the old stain and applying a brand new finish. While this is a messy and time consuming remodel project, it is a very affordable way to remodel your floor. Of course, if you do the work yourself, the project becomes even more cost effective. This article shows the best way to remove your existing stain in order to prepare it for the application of a new finish.

Even if you're just going to apply a new tint color to your existing floor, you should probably sand off all of your existing stain. That is, you'll want to sand off all of the stain so you can expose the raw wood grains so they will be fully prepared for the application of the new stain finish.

What Sanders Work Best?

Using handheld power sanders is one way to remove your stain. However, you could also invest in a stand-up drum sander that will enable you to do the work a little quicker. Drum sanders, much like lawnmowers, can be heavy and difficult to operate. However, they are better if you are trying to remove the stain from large areas. If you are just removing the stain from a moderate size room, using handheld power sanders might still be quicker, especially if you have a couple of people helping. Two people using power sanders can work very quickly.

The sanding process takes several steps. First, you need to start off with a coarse sandpaper that will help to remove the majority of the stain and the top layer of the wood. Then, you step up to a medium grit sandpaper in order to smooth it out and make the surface a little less rough. Then, you need to rub down your entire surface using steel wool. This is something you will need to do by hand. Steel wool will make the surface even smoother and completely ready for the new stain. All that is left to do is to wipe down your entire floor with a wet rag to remove any dust.

As you can see, it isn't exactly difficult to refinish hardwood. The work is physically taxing, but it is manageable if you have a few helpers and the right tools for the job. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp.