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Room-By-Room Concrete Floor Tile Ideas

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Not only are concrete floors tiles attractive and easy to coordinate with any room in your house, they're durable and long-lasting as well. Whether you're building a new home or just redoing the one you have, concrete flooring may be the right option for you.

Although grey is the first color that may come to mind when thinking of concrete floor tiles, they actually come in a wide array of colors, styles and even patterns. If you prefer a more industrial, modern look for your home, then sleek grey tiles may be perfect, but you can also achieve everything from an elegant to a rustic appearance with the flooring as well. 

What makes concrete floor tiles so convenient is that they can replicate the look of other types of materials, such as terra cotta, ceramic and even wood. The tiles can have either a smooth, shiny finish or a rough texture, depending on your preference. 

Due to their versatility, concrete floor tiles are ideal for any room, from the master bedroom to the kitchen. They're easy to care for, only requiring general daily and weekly maintenance such as sweeping and mopping, and hard to scratch and chip. 

Here are some concrete flooring ideas for different rooms in your home: 

1. Bedrooms

For a cutting-edge look in your master bedroom, consider large, square steel grey concrete tiles with a smooth, polished surface. You can use all one shade of grey, or mix and match darker and lighter hues for added dimension.

This warehouse-inspired look will coordinate well with airy white furnishing and textiles, such as a white acrylic bed headboard and night stand set, and a fluffy white comforter or rug to lend a luxurious touch to the space. Silver and chrome details, such as lamp bases, dresser and door hardware and picture frames will blend seamlessly. 

2. Living and Dining Rooms

If you're looking to give the rooms where your family gather and spend the most time a warmer feel, consider light or dark brown concrete tiles with a wood-like appearance. The tiles are long and thin, rather than square, to mimic hardwood. The flooring even features realistic-looking grain details, some with a knotty pine effect for a cabin-inspired look.

The wood-inspired tiles come with either a shiny, polished or a more matte finish depending on your personal style.

3. Kitchen and Bathrooms

If you prefer a more retro look, you can install decorative concrete tiles, which look like vintage flooring, in your kitchen or bathrooms. For an authentic appearance, pick tiles in soft, pastel colors, and intricate patterns such as fleur-de-lis, penny-round mosaics and florals. 

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