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3 Things You Can Do To Help Keep Your New Wooden Floors In Good Shape

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Are you preparing to have new wood flooring installed in one or more rooms of your home? Here are a few things you can do to keep your floors in good shape as they age in the coming years:

Have Custom Throw Carpets Made

Having custom throw carpets made to place on your new wooden floors will help keep the floors protected and give your home a cozier feel overall. When it's cold outside, some nice throw carpets will help keep your feet warm. And because throw carpets come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, you can easily infuse some new life into otherwise dull or drab rooms.

The throw carpets can be more easily repaired or replaced than our new wooden floor if they get damaged as time goes on. Have your flooring contractor create custom throw carpeting for you that complements the color and texture of the new wood floors they'll be installing.

Create a Shoe Corner Near the Front Door

It's a good idea to make sure everyone takes their shoes off as soon as they enter your home so they don't accidentally scuff and scratch your new wooden floors while walking around the place. You can make everyone feel comfortable about taking their shoes off by creating a shoe corner somewhere close to your front door.

Start by placing a small chair in a corner and then install a shoe rack next to it. When someone walks in they can sit down, take their shoes off, and know exactly where to store them during their visit. For extra comfort, you can make washable or disposable slippers available for your guests to put on after they take their shoes off.

Make Professional Maintenance a Priority

Professional maintenance is extremely important if you want to keep your wooden flooring in good shape as it ages. By having your flooring professionally maintained, you can get rid of scuffs and scratches before they become too noticeable. And you can refinish the flooring as often as necessary to maintain a clean and glossy look. While your floors are being maintained, your service provider can catch small problems and damage that is just starting to develop, so it can be addressed before it becomes too expensive to repair or gets to a stage of disrepair overall.

Contact your flooring contractor to learn more about how they can help you keep your new wooden floors looking nice and new after installation. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Floorco Flooring.