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Is It Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood flooring has been a popular option in both commercial and residential spaces for a number of years. Many homeowners opt to install hardwood floors in high-traffic areas because hardwood flooring is considered very durable.

A hardwood floor has the potential to last for the life of your home, but the hardwood will likely need to be refinished at some point to retain its beauty and durability. Is it time to consider a wood floor refinishing? Read on to find out.

1. Furniture Damage

Although hardwood floors are very durable, they can show evidence of wear after a period of time. The most common type of wear comes from furniture pieces that sit on the hardwood floors.

As the furniture is moved from one location to another or shifts with normal use, the legs of each item can scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Refinishing will allow an expert to sand away any imperfections and restore the smoothness of your flooring without replacing the flooring materials entirely.

2. Moving

Another great reason to refinish your hardwood floors is an upcoming move. If you are planning to list your home on the market, freshly refinished flooring could add to the value of the property. Potential buyers will be drawn to the beauty of the flooring, and the refinished planks can help your living space look fresh and inviting.

Refinishing the flooring could also extend the life of each plank. Eliminating any minor imperfections and damage that might weaken the structural integrity of the flooring can help ensure that the wood planks remain in good condition. Potential buyers will appreciate the attention to detail and added value that refinished floors can offer.

3. Redecorating

Trends in home interior design come and go. This means that your hardwood floors might be making your home look dated if you haven't had them refinished for a number of years. Current trends lean toward lighter flooring that gives a home a farmhouse look.

If your hardwood floors are dark, you can easily remedy the situation through a thorough refinishing. It's not the wood itself that is outdated, but the finish applied to the wood.

The refinishing process strips away any old paint or stain covering the surface of your floors so that only bare wood is showing. You can then apply a lighter stain to help modernize your living space without having to replace any hardwood flooring.