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Tips To Reduce The Noise From Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring has many benefits, including they can add value to your home. However, there is one drawback that can sometimes occur with the flooring. Some homeowners find that the floors can be noisy once they are installed. If you are planning to install hardwood flooring, here are some pre- and post-installation tips you can use to quiet them.   Pre-Installation  Ideally, you should implement ways to keep your hardwood flooring quiet before you install them. Read More»

Tips For Upgrading To Harwood Flooring

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As your floors age, they can become scuffed, discolored or cracked. Eventually, these problems can be severe enough to cause the flooring’s appearance to be severely compromised. By replacing your flooring, you will be able to restore the appearance of your home’s interior. When opting to have hardwood flooring installed, you will want to avoid some potential issues that could compromise your experience with upgrading to hardwood floors. Choose The Hardest Wood Possible Read More»

5 Care Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

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To make your hardwood floors last as long as possible, you want to provide regular maintenance on them. The best way to do this is to know how to care for them so they don’t fade, get scratched, or encounter other types of damage. Here are 5 care tips you can use for your hardwood floors. Protect it from furniture Chairs and table legs can scratch your hardwood floors. Place rubber bottoms or felt pads on the feet of all your furnishings so you can keep your hardwood from scratching. Read More»

How To Remove Old Linoleum So You Can Put In New Flooring

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Linoleum is a common flooring often placed in laundry areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements. Its easy install and cost-effective pricing make linoleum a popular choice for DIY installers. You simply need to cut the linoleum according to room size and lay it down if it is a self-tacking variety, or use a tacking agent to make it stick. If your linoleum is worn from years of stains, scratches and tears from furniture, or you just want to upgrade to new flooring, here is a quick guide to help you remove it easily without a lot of hassle. Read More»

Sprucing Up Your Space By Embracing The Right Material - Benefits Of Installing Glass Tile

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If you’re starting to feel like a space in your home has grown stale or uninteresting, changing out the flooring can be an excellent way to breathe life back into it. However, when you consider your flooring options, it’s important to take a wide view of the marketplace and consider materials that may not have crossed your radar. One of these relatively underused flooring materials is glass tiling. Though many people may think of glass as fragile or delicate, the reality of modern glass tile is far from those concerns. Read More»

Real Wood Is Still A Great Product For Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is an all purpose product that fits well in a rustic home or a modern commercial building. Hardwood is a popular flooring product for a number of reasons. Many people are now investing in synthetic hardwood alternatives. These do have certain features that are attractive to many homeowners. But, this article explains why real hardwood is still a great choice for residential upgrades. Synthetic vs. Real Hardwood The main argument for investing in synthetic floors is the fact that they are easier to maintain then real wood. Read More»