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Room-By-Room Concrete Floor Tile Ideas

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Not only are concrete floors tiles attractive and easy to coordinate with any room in your house, they’re durable and long-lasting as well. Whether you’re building a new home or just redoing the one you have, concrete flooring may be the right option for you. Although grey is the first color that may come to mind when thinking of concrete floor tiles, they actually come in a wide array of colors, styles and even patterns. Read More»

Simple Tips For Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom Floors

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Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or you just need to replace the bathroom floor, new tile can be a great addition to your home. Many people will replace their old bathroom floor with the same style and color of tile, but adding a bit of style with new colors and patterns will turn your ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary space. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose new tile for your bathroom floors. Read More»

3 Things You Should Know About Hardwood Flooring

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If you’re remodeling your home and want new flooring installed, there are many options to choose from. Some of the most popular flooring options include laminate, vinyl, concrete, and carpet. One other option that is extremely popular is hardwood flooring. While this is a wonderful and attractive-looking choice, there are some things you should know before installing hardwood flooring in your home. 1. There Are Different Types of Hardwood Flooring Read More»

How To Remove Hardwood Stains

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One of the best things about owning a hardwood floor is the fact that you can refinish it. This means you can keep the exact same hardware on your floor, but drastically change the way that looks like removing the old stain and applying a brand new finish. While this is a messy and time consuming remodel project, it is a very affordable way to remodel your floor. Of course, if you do the work yourself, the project becomes even more cost effective. Read More»